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Club Opening Times:​

MonFri 06:00 – 21:00 | Sat 07:00 – 18:00 | Sun 08:00 – 16:00

At Attain & Sustain we’re so much more than a gym. We’re a Club. That sense of belonging, of feeling part of a community is so very important to us. That’s why when you visit us for the first time one of the team will tour you around the Club and show you the various different areas of the gym.

On joining us you’ll be booked in to have a full gym induction with one of the team. Of course, if you’re happy doing your own thing then of course that’s OK with us! But we encourage everyone to spend some time with one of our coaches, have a full body assessment with us, and put together a structured gym programme.

The Body Assessment couldn’t be easier. Members stand bare foot on our Tanita Body Composition Scales and, upon entering some of your details, are provided with a comprehensive assessment including; weight, body fat %, fat mass, muscle mass, hydration %, bone mass and visceral fat. These can be repeated every 4 – 6 weeks to help provide some accountability and evaluation of progress.

Your Gym Programme is so important. Some gyms will take your money and just leave you too it. At some you’ll get given the basics and then be left alone! We could write you the best “Fat Burn Workout” on the planet… but if you don’t enjoy it you’ll likely not come in and do it much!

It’s important for you to have a programme that you enjoy. That you can feel working. That you want to come and do time and time again. That is what we want for you and what we pride ourselves in offering. Every 4 – 6 weeks we’ll change things up for, to help accelerating your results. However, if you get bored of your programme or want it changing up sooner, it’s a service that’s included as part of your membership.

Our gym is fully staffed, so there’s always someone on the gym floor that you can approach for help and advice. Our Team don’t have Personal Training targets, meaning that all they want is your money for Personal Training. Far from it! Our Team is comprised 100% of coaches that are passionate and driven to help you succeed and are solely focused on delivering you the very best customer service and experience!

Our Members range from “very fit” – “I wish I was fit”, so we’re confident that you’ll feel very welcome in our Club. It’s important that everyone feels comfortable when they come and have their workout!

If you’d like to come and have a look around the Club please feel free to pop in and see us. Alternatively if you have any questions then you can use this link to contact us here.