Personal Training

There’s more to a Personal Trainer than simply getting an exercise prescription or having a friendly face in the gym. A good, qualified Personal Trainer provides you with the accountability to keep up your fitness endeavours and transform your approach to training and exercise. Here’s what we mean…

Hannah Johnson, 24, one of our Attain & Sustain Members being put through her paces!

Thanks to the internet you can learn anything on your own these days, even follow pre-made workout programs. However, all the knowledge in the world can only get you so far if you don’t stick to the program on your own or know how hard you should push your body… until you pass out or throw up is not the answer!

On the latter point, training studies – like this one from the Journal of Strength Conditioning & Research and another from Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise – showed better strength improvements with supervised training over those without. These suggest that you can produce better results when there’s someone around to coach you and hold you accountable.

Matt Millson, 50 – reduced his blood pressure, avoiding the need for medication! He lost 25kgs (four stones) in the process!

Now, let us be very clear, Personal Trainers don’t bestow magical powers! Rather more a good coach is compassionate and knowledgeable, catering to your personal needs. A coach will teach you how to exercise safely, efficiently, with consideration to your technique and form, based upon your experience level, age and ability. For example, you wouldn’t ask someone with bad knees to run hard on a treadmill! A good coach will know how far to push you during training to reap the benefits but also tell you when to back off.

Personal Training instils in you a responsibility to care about how you exercise and how you fuel your body nutritionally. This all ties back into holding you accountable. But remember – A Personal Trainer won’t do the work for you; you get out what you put in.

Chris Kingsbury, 58, Chris lost over 25kgs (four stone). But most importantly, he was able to stop taking the blood pressure and cholesterol medication he’d been taking for 16 years!

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Personal Training Packages

Choose the package that works for you.

Bronze Package | 4 x PT Sessions | £160 (£40 / session)

Silver Package | 8 x PT Sessions | £300 (£37.50 / session)

Gold Package | 12 x PT Sessions | £420 (£35 / session)

Platinum Package | 16 x PT Sessions | £520 (£32.50 / session)

Diamond Package | 20 x PT Sessions | £600 (£30 / session)

Group Training Package* | 4 x PT Sessions | £100 per person

* Group Training, maximum of four people per session.